I don’t ask for much, I make dinner every night, ok 3-4 times a week or so; I clean up, sometimes, do the laundry most of the time ( kids like allowance), and have my glass of red wine a few nights a week (because its good for me). I have a pretty basic life, a good one that I don’t place many demands on my husband. Not asking for the big house, the pool out back…I just want a good night sleep.

I can’t sleeep! It is now  11:56pm on my first blog post, on this nite, I tired to fall asleep with just one of my relaxing esophagus”pills” which is also suppose to make me sleepy. The benefit I see, is to cover up the snoring next to me ( yes honey I love you very, very much). It just not fair, I had the pillow perfectly placed around my ears, to cushion the loud sounds coming from my sweet, kind and overly stuffed up husband. This is my every night. Trying the little nudge first…several times; ear plugs you should see my collection.  Acoustic Sheep, yes that is what it is called, look it up; there is something that is designed for this very notion and I know it works, when I can find the charger cord, and have it positioned just so to charge (will probably need a new one).  I can normally get a good night sleep with all these things in place.

Why don’t they ( and I place all of your husbands in this one category of “they”) support our goals and desires to sleep, there is Zyppah, and those pinchy nose things, of course; then the big daddy, the sleep apnea machine, ok I might be pushing it too far for that contraption. But seriously why can’t they do something to help us sleep under their stupid snoring.

I know I can’t be alone, do you just choose to say nothing when you are with your girlfriends, or just sleep in the guest room? I know your secret…I will not be alone any more, I will be the masked wife/mother to spill the dirt on all our suffering together.

I choose to stay with my husband’s warm body next to mine, in our Sleep Number, the one that has a “partner snore” button and the Zero G, neither of which works in “this home”. Sold with a promise and a prayer that I would lull myself to sleep in the comfort of space and 8 hours of time. BTW, it wasn’t the store clerk filled with promises, it was the snoring husband, sound asleep next to me with me trying to figure out how the he## I am going to get to sleep tonite. me asleep

PS, Morning after…I decided to check my midnight spelling and grammar before I hit publish, and guess what my husband said when I told him he was snoring…“I didn’t hear it”

This is my life!